Afterimage 6 - 10


Acrylic on Paper (400gsm Fabriano Pittura), 76 x 57 cm, Nov. 2020.
Signed on the back.

1. Afterimage 6
2. Afterimage 7
3. Afterimage 8
4. Afterimage 9
5. Afterimage 10

I worked on these abstract sketches alongside my last series of larger paintings. Many of the textures were produced by making direct impressions of other in-process paintings, then layering them with washes of color and improvised brushwork. The resulting images bring to mind a dreamlike state, where echoes of visual memories bleed together in the mind's eye. Like all my paintings these works are the result of a creative flow state, where I process multiple images in succession and simply follow my instincts to complete each composition.

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