Are you a fan of shoegaze music? If that term means nothing to you then google will yield plenty of album lists to pore through. That style has produced some of my favorite records since I was in high school, and sometimes I’ll unwittingly make a painting that looks and feels the way that music sounds. I’ve been critiqued for perhaps putting too much emphasis on atmosphere, that the haziness and build-up of layers clouds over some of the punch in my work. I guess Slowdive might share some blame for that. I won’t pretend to hear colors or see melodies or whatever, but I’m consistently preoccupied with the connection between music and the visual element associated with it. “Aquarium” came to mind as an obvious title, as I’m sure this cool murky place contains life of some kind. And I imagine if I dunked my head in there I could hear a blurry symphony.

Acrylic on Dibond panel, 50 x 60 cm, summer 2020. Ready to hang, signed on the back. This painting ships with a signed certificate of authenticity. Free worldwide shipping.

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