I sometimes look around the tool menus in my photo editing software to find odd titles for paintings, so those of you who live in that space as much as I do will recognize the Channels tab. That tab’s actual function doesn’t really relate to this image, but the experience of using a digital brush definitely does, these bursts remind of trying to make a precise mark, but creating a blown out mess because the settings are all off. I think the main theme here is this balance we have to strike between using digital tools, and particularly sources of information, in a healthy and productive way. The most organic element, which would be the lung-like form in the center top is almost completely overwhelmed, but compositionally everything still builds to it, which I didn’t plan consciously, I just knew it had to stay in the picture.

Acrylic on Dibond panel, 60 x 80 cm, summer 2020. Ready to hang, signed on the back. This painting ships with a signed certificate of authenticity. Free worldwide shipping.

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