Acrylic on Dibond panel, 50 x 60 cm, summer 2020. Ready to hang, signed on the back. This painting ships with a signed certificate of authenticity. Free worldwide shipping.

My primary influence as a painter is Gustav Klimt and the Austrian Expressionist movement of the early 20th century, and this shape and color combination reminds me of that. To me the idea of the title also represents withdrawal from the cultural status quo, a search past the surface to find new creative wavelengths. This painting was the first I finished of 12 pieces I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks, and while it differs a lot from the rest it forms a logical starting point. Many of the shapes and patterns that started to emerge in these paintings seem to connect to the natural world; shapes suggesting cells, amoeba, and microscopic plant structures take a prominent role. These textures contrast the more precise, or mechanical marks that reference digital imagery. Both of these elements are present here in a direct, simple form, and they’ll get messier and more chaotic through the rest of the collection.